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"Working with Erica was just what I needed to recharge and refocus my fitness efforts. She provided a ton of information and suggestions and answered whatever questions I had. While I still have a long way to go, I'm feeling better, sleeping better and look forward to the improvements yet to come." - Meg

"I am so proud of my new lifestyle and the way I look and feel. As a cancer survivor who works in healthcare, I fell victim to the weight gain excuses quick fast food to make life convenient. I lived in constant everyday pain. I needed a change for the better not for just looking good but more so feeling good. When I joined Erica’s course, I was ready to make a change. I felt defeated by diet programs, books, useless supplements, and things I read in magazines that didn’t work for me. I knew I was going to make this plan work for me. I was done repeating the same bad habits. I honestly needed a program that was personalized and one which could easily become a new lifestyle for me. The first time I saw information about the program I was intrigued and wondered if it was right for me, and then the support available with Erica I was beyond excited. I had hoped that I could get to a weight that I would be comfortable with and continue with after the program. I was impressed by the fact that the program helped me make improvements along the way with her weekly lessons. The meal guide and meal plans helped me to make changes to my diet that are now a way of life for me. Focusing on Macros, fat, calories, protein intake helped me gain some muscle and lose fat. Keeping track of my food in my carb manager journal was so eye opening and kept me from eating when I was bored, or because something just looked, or sounded good. This has been a great program for me, I now feel I make better decisions on the foods I eat because I know how they affect my health and how I feel. Being healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle should always be a top priority for everyone. Too often our busy personal and work lives become excuses that ultimately prevent us from taking care of our physical well-being. This can have a negative impact on us both physically and emotionally. However, it was ultimately a decision I had to come to terms with on my own to do myself first and took the challenge head on. I was determined to accomplish my goal of living a healthy lifestyle. I have lost over 20 pounds and successfully implemented the healthy habits into my daily life. I am incredibly grateful to Erica for providing me with the resources, tools, and support I needed to live the healthy life I always wanted. Thanks a Million" - Nancy Alphonse

"I’ve been doing Erica’s challenges since the first one in 2020. It was just what I needed to jump start a healthy lifestyle and begin working on the best version of me. Since then, I have not missed one and have had several others join me on this journey. Not because I posted about it, because and family noticed the difference in me and wanted to be a part of it themselves. Throughout the challenges, Erica encourages participants and has created an environment where woman feel comfortable to grow and share and most important, a place where we don’t have to be perfect. When one challenge ends, I can’t wait for another to begin. I’d love to see her platform grow to include others. Her set up is truely one where ANYONE can be successful!" - Jill B.

“I am so thankful that I took a chance and tried my first challenge May 2020 and never looked back. It wasn’t about the numbers for me but about feeling good about myself and adopting better habits and healthier lifestyle. I had failed attempts to get healthy and lose weight time and time again prior to this. Over the first few months I lost about 20lbs, gained confidence in myself, felt stronger, happier and healthier. Since then I have been able to maintain and continue to participate in the challenges to stay on track. Erica is a great inspiration and provides incredible support throughout. I would highly recommend her challenge to anyone!!” - Amanda L

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